Plants vs Zombies Heroes Hack | Free Gems and Coins for iOS and Android 2017

A great little deviation to the normal Plants VS Zombies flavour, we’ve got Plants VS Zombies: Heroes and with it we got a great, little F2P CCG that I don’t think anyone was really expecting, but we all managed to enjoy nonetheless. As with many other F2P games, however, they have a tendency to require money to be worth your time and while we might not exactly agree with this practice, we have developed a way to get around it instead.

For the Plants VS Zombies: Heroes cheats, you can acquire some free orbs to get all of the necessary cards that you would need to design the perfect deck to hand. Obviously, there isn’t any real perfect deck, due to the nature of just how much these types of games tend to fluctuate, but having the ability to pick and choose from all of the cards in the game is an added extra that practically comes with these free cheats that make every user’s life easier.

This can all be done thanks to a minor glitch in PopCap’s servers that don’t quite detect a certain frequency of data appropriately that these hacks send off to their servers. What this means is that it sends a message to the server that the user has paid for some orbs in the game – when in actuality they haven’t – but since the server doesn’t know this, it proceeds to release the funds into the player’s account.

Now, you might be concerned with the record being placed on the servers, but from PopCap’s angle, all they see on their electronic database is another legitimate purchase coming from that IP address and have no real reason for concern. Also, there’s no real reason to be concerned about the IP address either, as every time it sends the data it deviates just enough to not link everything to your one account and believes that the data is being sent from multiple devices and multiple IP’s.

Your future opponents aren’t going to know what hit them after you’ve finally set up these completely free Plants VS Zombies: Heroes cheats and hacks; trust me. No one will ever know and you can instead spend all of your time improving every single inch of your awesome new deck, without restriction; just how a good game should be.

Before too long, you will be climbing up the ranks online and might just become one of the best Plants VS Zombies: Heroes players out there and it’ll all be thanks to a completely untraceable and safe hack for the game that I’d hesitate to assume the developers might never notice or come across; meaning that you’re going to be safe for the entire lifespan of the game – an overall pretty great deal!


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