Bullet Force Hack | Free Gold and Credits for Android and iOS 2017

Bullet Force is one of those great and addictive multiplayer FPS games that are a dime a dozen these days, but what makes it so much more unique is just how much you can edit and customise your gun. Some of its cosmetic and some of it can completely change your gun from being a weak little pea-shooter, to an absolute powerhouse.

Unfortunately, in the F2P market, you don’t actually get many of the best things for “free” and have to dedicate one of two things to the game to become the best of the best: time or money. Time isn’t that bad of an investment, because it typically is invested in games like this one that you enjoy playing plenty of, but no one really enjoys having to spend money; especially when it comes to video games that are meant to be free.

This F2P nature makes the game incredibly easy to pick up and play for the very first time, but unfortunately you can’t quite battle with the best of them because of just how powerful some of these endgame upgrades can be and they can only be bought with real money. Thankfully, through plenty of development, work, and testing, we’ve finally got a great Bullet Force cheat that works just wonders. You can use it either multiple times or just the once, either way you’re going to have a serious upgrade to your account without having to spend anything.

Once again, using it just the once or multiple times is going to keep you protected. No matter how many times the Bullet Force hacks are used, the developers have no idea that they’re being used and just assume you’ve acquired the Bullet Force free gold and free coins through normal means and at no point have any reason to follow up on anything, as there’s nothing to be suspicious about.

After using the hack for the first time, just quickly upgrade your guns as you see fit and hop back online without a care in the world – you’re not affecting gameplay, so it won’t cause your account to get flagged and you can go back to taking some seriously awesome shots and prove to the online player base just how good you are with a little practice from your new weaponry.

Just take your time getting to grips with these new upgrades and you should be able to make it to the top 1% of players without worry and without spending a penny. This game requires a serious amount of skill, but having that fully upgraded rifle definitely does help even the playing field when everyone else seems to have a weapon equally as powerful as yours, just because they could afford it, now doesn’t it?



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